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Our Bioactive collagen peptides are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, taking about 12 hours to arrive at the tissues.

We use only the best hydrolyzed marine collagen. Studies have proven hydrolyzed collagen peptides to be highly bio-available – meaning they are readily absorbed and able to exert a beneficial effect.

The collagen peptides in collagen drinks are digested into smaller molecules and then absorbed in the gut, and have been shown to appear one hour after ingestion in the bloodstream,' 'Investigations using radioactive labelling have demonstrated that these absorbed peptides can reach the skin and may be retained in the tissue for up to 2 weeks,'.

One 2014 study of 69 women ages 35 to 55 found that those who took 2.5 or 5 grams of collagen daily for 8 weeks showed a lot of improvement in skin elasticity, compared with those who didn’t take it.

Another found that women who took 1 gram per day of collagen supplement for 12 weeks had 76% less dryness, 12% fewer visible wrinkles, better blood flow in the skin, and a 6% higher collagen content.

Marine collagen is derived from scales and skin of fish:

Marine Collagen PeptidesMarine Collagen has been shown to have superior "bioavailability", compared with other animal source. Bioavailability is the rate at which food is absorbed into the blood stream through our intestinal wall.  This means fish collagen enters the bloodstream more quickly than other types of collagen, making it the best collagen to replenish your body’s collagen stores.

It helps improve sagging skin by promoting and supporting natural collagen production in the skin, minimizing the loss of elasticity and helping skin look smoother, suppler and more hydrated. The result is a reduction in the look of sagging skin and younger-looking skin overall.

Why take Collagen in liquid form instead of tablets?

Since it is in liquid form, are able to deliver higher concentration of collagen peptides and other nutrients faster and more effectively into our bloodstream.

The presence of a high concentration of collagen peptides in the bloodstream triggers the body's 'wound healing' response that reactivates the body’s collagen production.

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