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Did you know your skin is made up of 75 – 80% Collagen?

Collagen is the protein that makes up around 80% of skin, and is key to its structure and elasticity. But after the age of 20 or so, we lose around 1.5% of our collagen every year. Collagen is also broken down by stressors such as too much sun exposure.

That damage should be made up by fibroblasts, the body’s own collagen factories found in all connective tissues, but as we get older these tend to become sluggish. And as the collagen vanishes, so does skin’s youthful appearance.

collagen drink and ageing skin

Collagen creams – not the way to go

Collagen has beed used in skin creams for decades. However, to reduce rather than just ‘cover wrinkles’, new collagen must become a part of the skin’s inner layer, the dermis. Unfortunately, collagen molecules are too large to penetrate into the dermis when applied to the surface of the skin. Thus, when simply applied in a cream, collagen remains locked outside without affecting the skin structure, at best just temporarily covering wrinkles and helping moisturize the skin.

What’s so great about liquid collagen compared to creams or pills?

Liquid collagen acts from within to boost the levels of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. It is more easily absorbed into the blood stream (90% of liquids are absorbed almost immediately) where it can be more effectively distributed within the human body and to the dermis of the skin encouraging collagen production. Liquid collagen has been clinically proven to dramatically increase skin hydration. resilience and to help fight the aging process.

There are very few supplements or products that can actually do this, Vitamin C Serum is another one.

Medical studies have shown that liquid extracts have faster absorption rates; higher optimization rates and is more easily digestible than collagen in tablet form.

Visible benefits

After completing a course of Face Envy London Collagen Liquid, consumers have reported the following results:

  • Increased skin hydration and radiance
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin suppleness
  • Healthier looking hair and nails

Taking liquid collagen will have different results at different speeds for each individual, if taken regularly most users see an improvement in a number of different areas after only 2-3 weeks with visibly ‘plumper’ and more hydrated skin.



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